IT Services

Informatics Systems & Artificial Intelligence

INFOSAI delivers innovative solutions that enhance the way you do business, allowing you to embrace the technologies that stimulate your company’s future growth.From client engagement to technology implementation to service delivery, our IT Solutions and Services give you access to our proficiency in advanced technologies and innovations.

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Infrastructure Sales

Best Buy for great prices on several powerful servers, desktops, performance laptops & ultrabooks, printers,network infrastructure,various IT related spares & much more...


TechSupport & Maintainence

Full-cycle of IT computer support and maintenance services for its clients and 3rd-party customers in website, software, hardware & network infrastructure maintainence.


Network Services

Well designed, reliable and secure wired and wireless business network solutions, that offer a consistent user experience and address common networking challenges.


Cloud Computing

INFOSAI cloud consulting and cloud professional services experts can help you with various cloud technologies to accelerate your architecture & infrastructure.


Data Center Services

Robust data center infra to meet the demands of an always-on world that provides processing,storage,networking,management & distribution of data within an enterprise.