Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing


Unravel the next technology frontier within your organization by embracing machine learning with Artificial Intelligence.

Organizations are modernizing their existing infrastructure to withstand in a ‘default by digital' world. To ensure organizations do not fall behind in this race, we transform organizations to cognitive enterprise using intelligent systems that can see, listen, comprehend and learn. We are innovatively passionate in building AI-powered products and solutions that address real-world business problems. We help enterprises embrace AI to make superior decisions, focus on innovation, and gain unparalleled efficiencies . For companies seeking to build AI-driven smart businesses, Applexus is the go-to partner to pilot projects, develop concept prototypes, develop models and tackle complex industry challenges.



Today's data-driven business demands cannot be met by traditional big data architectures that seamlessly move data from production systems to data warehouses. Only a well-planned data architecture schema can help in realizing improved profits and lowering risks from an otherwise opaque data. Our data scientists assess the data type, frequency, size, processing methodology, data source, and hardware requirements to create a unified information architecture that supports your line of business.


Our Data Science and predictive analytics service enables organizations to develop customized statistical and machine learning models to leverage advanced customer, operational and stream analytics in real time. With our solutions, you can provide the right information to everyone in your enterprise - including in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities that are required to understand business, make the right decisions, gain the competitive edge and increase profitability.



The IoT (Internet of Things) is turning everyday objects into data factories. A multitude of sensors and wearables have helped create a completely connected ecosystem. According to HIS, the average annual number of connected IoT devices worldwide will reach 125 billion in 2030. This will result in astronomical amounts of data being produced daily. While this data will contain valuable insights, analyzing and making sense of all this data poses a challenge. The key to keeping up with this data deluge is to combine Artificial Intelligence with the IoT. This will help garner meaningful and impactful insights from the vast quanta of data collected by the IoT. The convergence of IoT and AI, called the ‘Intelligence of Things’ will enable connected devices to take actions based on information gleaned from sensors, smart devices, databases, systems and the internet. The Intelligence of Things facilitates smart automation, predictive analytics and pre-emptive intercession.

We apply custom-specific combinations of our expertise in design, embedded systems, connectivity and cloud to build and deploy successful IoT solutions for our clients.